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Calling Card Order Request

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Note: There is a minimum quantity of 50 cards of each denomination. When you place your request for your order our sales representatives will get in touch with for further detaiils.

  • You can place your order with TalkWorld using the form below. Complete the form as accurate as possible so that our agents will be able to fulfill your request the soonest. Note: Enter the quantity of the calling cards you require. If you do not require any quantities of a calling card please put 0 on the Quantity box.
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What are the TalkWorld Prepaid International calling card plans?

TalkWorld adopts a simple pricing structure, each card is loaded with its purchased credit balance and you have access to call the entire globe using our guaranteed lowest pricing rates. To calculate the number of minutes, simply divide the per minute rate by the total credit balance. No hidden fees.

Do I need to notify/cancel my current phone company to use TalkWorld Prepaid International calling card plans?

No. TalkWorld calling cards work with all phone providers. You may wish to check with your phone service provider any additional costs to our national and toll-free numbers. Normally national access numbers will be included in your contract plan and we encourage the use to get the most minutes from your FoneGlobal credit. Once you have used the credit balance you may dispose of the fully recyclable card.

What does "local access" mean?

Local access means that instead of using a toll-free number to dial into our network and make a call, a local number in a national area code is used. Foneglobal phone cards have both local and toll-free access numbers. Use local access numbers to get the most minutes possible out of your card. If a local access number is not available on your phone network, you can also use our toll-free number.

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